To Grandma 

︎Product Design, Video Editing, Pattern Design

December 2022  
Wood, 5”x5” origami paper, leather

This is a packaging I made for the word, adventure.

The concept and design for my work was inspired by my grandma. Each time I travel and come back to Japan, I bring her souvenirs. She always tells me that she wants to travel with me and see the world together. However, with her bad knees and progressing Alzheimer's disease, she is unable to leave her home. So I decided to bring adventures to her inside a handmade suitcase. The trip is a week-long, and every day we travel to different countries. Some of the countries are ones my grandma and I have been wanting to visit together and others are drawn from my personal experiences. In each country, we explore different things and each origami piece is related to the narrative. I abstracted the flags of countries we are visiting for the design of the origami pieces, and some extra pieces are in the leather pocket for my grandma to try making them and travel through the journal from day 1 to day 7. From there, it leads to the quote, “Find your adventure wherever you are!” This winter, my grandma and I will go on a fun trip together once we meet again in Japan, and we will continue the journey with this suitcase full of adventure. 

To make the suitcase, I sourced all the materials from Blick and Economy True Value. The process was challenging at first because it was my first time trying wood work and I was refining and developing the design as I made it. I used machines and sought advice from Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC) and Singh Imagineering Lab (SILab) at Boston University.

It was such a fun time creating the suitcase and the narrative, and I hope you enjoy the trip with me, Grandma!