Multiple Formats Art Book Fair and Symposium

︎Posters, Postcards, Riso, Photography, Motion Graphics

March 21–23, 2024

Shared 25+ posters and 25+ postcards with the visitors at Multiple Formats Art Book Fair as one of 140+ featured exhibitors. Promoted the event with the promotional animation (instagram reel) I made with my own assets and Multiple Formats’ brand assets. Visit @yukesdesign for a reel!

*Check out the feature on Multiple Formats Website!

When You Fly

︎Public Installation

India Ink, Snow, Graphite

September 2023 – Mar 2024

A public installation at George Sherman Union, Boston University‘s main student center. 

At the GSU, there is this certain energy that can only be found here — the excitement from the mix of anxious feelings before the exams we are studying for, the thrill of hanging out with friends over a meal or going to events in the ballroom, and the comfort of taking a small break between classes. I wanted to emphasize the layer of these emotions through the movement of the birds that I drew and the texture, which I made using melting snow and ink. I hope to bring some nature to the middle of the busy commonwealth. I often find myself at peace when I’m in nature, and I hope it does that for you as well. I hope you enjoy it!

*Check out the feature on BU Arts Initiative Instagram


︎Public Installation


Mar 2024 – present 

The second version for the public installation at George Sherman Union.

I grew up in Japan. I never imagined that I would live outside of the country until the huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011, leaving everyone devastated. I became scared of water after the heartbreaking event, but this view changed overtime. Fearful of radiation leak, my family ended up moving out of Japan. I lived and studied away from home and my family kept on moving from one place to another. I felt very lost, like I didn't have a place that I could call home anymore. However, through many encounters that touched my heart, I learned that home for me is where people I love are–which is now everywhere across the globe, crossing the ocean. Through this piece, I wanted to share this comforting and magical feeling of home transcending space, even the vast ocean. I made the patterns thinking of origami papers that I grew up folding. I hope that when people look at this in GSU, they are excited and comforted, like BU is their new piece of home.